Splashback Kayak - $40 day or $25 half 

The splash I single is the best tracking 10ft kayak on the market. It’s light weight and smaller size gives it a large advantage. The patented full length keel allows you to stay on course when paddling. This combination creates a faster kayak and a more enjoyable time on the water for all experience levels. Includes kayak, double-bladed kayak paddle, and a personal flotation device (life jacket).

 Ultralite Kayak - $50 day or $30 half

The UltraLite’s lightweight construction makes it easily transportable to remote locations, and its compact design is maneuverable in small, tight areas creating a kayak ideal for creeks, rivers, and bays.

The performance and comfort found in the UltraLite make this an excellent kayak for anglers and non-anglers alike. Small, fun, and as close to the fish as possible, this is UltraLite fishing.Includes kayak, double-bladed kayak paddle, and a personal flotation device (life jacket).

Tandem Kayak - $60 day or $30 half

The versatility of the splash II double allows it to be more than the traditional tandem. With its three-seat configuration, it is an incredible value for anyone who wants the option to share their kayaking experience with others, or enjoys the extra room. The stability, comfort, and performance of the splash II, make it, the signature design of Crescent kayak. Includes kayak, 2 double-bladed kayak paddle, and 2 personal flotation device (life jacket).

SUP (Paddleboards) - $60 day or $35 half 

The SUP+ is a paddleboard-kayak hybrid that blends the large open deck and stability of a SUP with the paddling performance of a kayak. Featuring a catamaran-style hull with multiple kiss-offs, the SUP+ provides an incredibly stable platform for standing, paddling, and fishing. The large molded skeg replaces a traditional fin, allowing you to track straight while running in shallow water with confidence. The SUP+ is more than a kayak and more than a paddleboard.Includes stand-up paddle board, paddle, and a personal flotation device (life jacket).(seat not included)